Board of Directors

The UBC Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors are a group of committed alumni working to foster engagement among alumni and support medical students through events, fundraising, and mentorship. Directors are elected to 2-year terms with eligibility to serve additional terms and regularly attend meetings, reunions, and other special events.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact us.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Dr. Hamed Umedaly BSc’81, MD’86 President
Dr. Mike Allard BSc’78, MD’81 Past President
Dr. Jan Christilaw BSc’81, MD’86 President Elect
Dr. James Boyle BSc’74, MD’78 Treasurer
Dr. John Edworthy BSc’74, MD’77 Vice President, Fraser Medical Program
Dr. Sara Waters MD’09 IMP Vice President, Island Medical Program
Dr. Daryl Leiski MD’96 Vice President, Northern Medical Program
Dr. Tom Kinahan BSc’82, MD’84 Vice President, Southern Medical Program
Dr. David Chercover BSc’74, MD’78 Director, Medical Alumni Representative – MD Admissions Subcommittee
Dr. David Jones BSc’67, MD’70 Director, Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program
Dr. Bryan Chow MD’14 Director, Vancouver Medical Program
Dr. Maryam Eslami MD’18 Director, Vancouver Medical Program
Dr. Maryam Zeineddin MD’03 Director, Vancouver Medical Program
Dr. Deborah Money BSc’81, MD’85 Ex-Officio, Dean’s Office UBC Faculty of Medicine, Executive Vice-Dean
TBD Ex-Officio, Nominee of UBC Faculty of Medicine
Alana Fleet Ex-Officio, Residents’ Representative
Zach Sagorin BSc’17 Ex-Officio, Students’ Representative
Dr. Beverley Tamboline BA’53, MD’60 Ex-Officio, Newsletter Editor
Dr. Penny Ballem MD’78 Ex-Officio, Advisor
Dr. Arun Garg MD’77 Ex-Officio, Advisor
Dr. David Hardwick MD’57, LLD’01 Ex-Officio, Advisor
Aaron Baker Ex-Officio, non-voting, Site Lead, Island Medical Program
Kian Draper Ex-Officio, non-voting, Site Lead, Northern Medical Program
Kaitlin Toplak Ex-Officio, non-voting, Site Lead, Southern Medical Program