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Volunteering is a rewarding way to connect with others, share your skills, meet new people, gain different experiences, and make an impact on your community. Thousands of UBC alumni have volunteered with UBC and helped UBC achieve its mission – to advance knowledge and create positive change in the world.

As UBC Faculty of Medicine alumni, there are a wide variety of opportunities to fit your interests, goals, and schedules. Here are several things to consider when choosing a volunteer opportunity:

  • Short or long term roles, e.g. event volunteer vs. committee member
  • Opportunities in person or remotely
  • Serving in supporting or leadership capacities
  • How can my skills and experience help improve this initiative

Our featured and current alumni volunteer opportunities are here:

Reconnect with classmates and celebrate the 10th, 15th, 20th, or 30th+ anniversary of your graduation by helping plan your next reunion! The Alumni Engagement Office is here to help you with the planning process, including generating activity and venue ideas, budgeting, getting you class lists, and more!

You can learn more about how the Alumni Engagement Office can help you get started with reunion planning here.

Student Affairs, UBC Faculty of Medicine, Undergraduate Medical Education Program, is welcoming physicians from different backgrounds and fields of medicine to share their experiences and knowledge with the current Undergraduate Medical Students through various powerful career exploration and mentorship opportunities. Those connections will foster a supportive environment and help students make better-informed decisions regarding their career paths.

Current opportunities:

  1. Shadowing
  2. Career Planning Café
  3. 1-on-1 Mentorship
  4. Group Mentorship
  5. Other opportunities (e.g. CaRMS interview practice)

To learn more about this opportunity and apply, please visit this form.

The UBC Faculty of Medicine is recruiting Physician Examiners to participate in Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE’s) for the upcoming academic year. Examiners will observe students and candidates interacting with a Standardized Patient in a clinical encounter and record their performance according to specific rating guidelines. Training will be provided before each exam.

This is an excellent opportunity for alumni to be involved in ensuring excellence in the assessment of future physicians and contribute to medical education. For more information and how to apply visit this website. If you have any questions, please contact

UBC Rural CPD’s Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) fosters peer connections in rural practitioner networks to improve your practice, increase your confidence, and connect you to rural colleagues.

Peer support can take many forms, from an occasional phone call with a coach/mentor to a site visit to shadow a specialist as they perform procedures you don’t often see in your community. CAMP connects you with personalized, just-in-time support in whatever form works best for you.

To learn more about this free opportunity, please visit this website. If you have any questions, please contact

Volunteer patients participate “as themselves” to help medical students learn and practice interviewing, medical history-taking and basic physical exams under the watchful guidance of a fully-qualified physician.

  • Sessions are held at UBC main Campus, Vancouver General, St. Paul’s, Royal Columbian Hospitals, Tuesday to Friday afternoons, with most sessions running two hours. The Volunteer Patient Programme offers you the flexibility to choose the most convenient location.
  • To offset travel and parking expenses, we provide volunteer patients with $20 per session.
  • Volunteer patients may be asked to change into a hospital gown, so that different areas of the body (such as knees, feet, shoulders, upper abdomen, chest, etc.) may be examined. No sensitive areas (such as breast or groin) are examined. Some sessions are for interviews only. Modesty and privacy are protected at all times.
  • No medical advice will be given. We do not take blood or other samples, perform x-rays or other tests or dispense medications.
  • Volunteers with certain medical conditions with audible or palpable symptoms are especially encouraged to take part.

Almost everyone is suitable to be a volunteer patient. No prior training or experience is necessary.

To learn more about this free opportunity, please visit this website. If you have any questions, please contact

Alumni Personal Profile Readers (formerly Broad Based Admissions Readers) play a vital role in helping to shape the community of students and future alumni of the University of British Columbia. By participating as an Alumni Personal Profile Reader, you will help to read and score prospective student personal profiles, contributing to the evaluation of one of the crucial elements of the UBC admissions process.

The Personal Profile is required of all high school students applying to all UBC degrees on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. You will receive online training and must complete all training modules and practice reads prior to reading and scoring personal profiles for current applicants.

To learn more about this opportunity, please visit

Mentoring the Stars was co-founded by UBC students with a vision to provide academic support to grade K-12 students by matching them with virtual volunteer tutors. After supporting more than 400 students through the pandemic, Mentoring the Stars is continuing to see high demand from their program from hundreds of students looking for extra help.

With many students awaiting support, Mentoring the Stars is currently seeking volunteer tutors to meet the increasing demand for academic support in BC. As tutors and students are individually matched based on their preferences, availability, and areas of knowledge, Mentoring the Stars is able to provide an impactful and flexible volunteer role with no previous tutoring experience required.

To learn more about this opportunity, please visit this website.

For additional volunteer opportunities, please visit the alumni UBC website and start your volunteer journey today!