Alumni Profiles

Jasmine Mander, BKin’18, MPT’20
Jasmine's experience recovering from injuries as a UBC soccer varsity athlete inspired her to pursue a career in physical therapy. Now, she's able to combine her passion for sport and therapy at Canada Soccer, leading to the women's football gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Read More >

Mallory White, BKin’12, MPT’14
Supporting the health of athletes has been a passion for Mallory, starting with her time as a student trainer with UBC varsity athletes to being the lead therapist for the Canadian women's national soccer team. Learn about her experience at UBC and her journey to helping Canada get its first gold medal in women's football at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics! Read More >

Samantha Smith, BHK-O’15, MPT’18
Competing at the Olympics has been one of Samantha's goals for a very long time and her dream becomes a reality this year. Learn about how her UBC MPT degree set her up for success as she heads to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics competing in trampoline gymnastics. Read More >

Niki Hajmoshir, BMLSc’19, MDS (Comp Ling)’20
As part Amazon's Alexa natural language understanding program, Niki helps build the speech and language solutions behind Amazon services. Learn how the BMLSc Program helped get her to where she is today and some of her favourite memories from the Program. Read More >

Dr. Tim Seabrook, BMLSc’95
When Dr. Seabrook recounts his time in the BMLSc Program, he points to how his degree gave him the confidence to pursue his passion in research. Dr. Seabrooks shares how his BMLSc degree led him from Vancouver to Toronto and eventually Switzerland in pursuit of a career in scientific research. Read More >

Dr. Dan Lin, BSc’98, MD’03
Dr. Dan Lin is Division Head of Youth Mental Health, Department of Psychiatry, St. Paul's Hospital & Clinical Instructor, UBC, and former field hockey player for the UBC Thunderbirds. In his profile, Dr. Lin shares valuable experience, advice, and resources for anyone struggling with their mental health. Read More >

Robbi Basran, BKin’13, MPT’15, GCert OMPT’19
Robbi Basran is recently completed the Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy (GCOMPT) at UBC and is a physiotherapist in Vancouver. Learn why Robbi decided to take this unique program and how he is applying what he's learned in the clinic. Read More >

John (Dezhong) Li, MOT’20
John (Dezhong) Li, MOT'20 has had a busy few years: completing his high school diploma, becoming a rehabilitation assistant, all the while taking care of his family and young children. Learn about how he hopes to improve the physical and psychological health in his future patients as a new Master of Occupational Therapy graduate. Read More >

Tessa Goldberger, BKin’18, MOT’20
Listening to participants’ experiences at the Physical Activity Research Center inspired Tessa Goldberger, BKin’18, MOT’20 to pursue a career in occupational therapy. In her profile, Tessa shares how active listening continues to play a key role as she enters her new career and her advice for students entering the UBC Master of Occupational Therapy program. Read More >

Kasia Anza-Burgess, MPT’20
At the age of 34, Kasia Anza-Burgess, MPT'20 felt unfulfilled in her career in archaeology and sought a big change to fix her longing to help people. Read about her story on overcoming self-doubt and the unexpected connection between archaeology and physical therapy. Read More >