Alumni Profiles

Marc Rizzardo, BPE’77, MPE’81, BSc(PT)’87
Rizzardo was invited to interview for the job of Chief Therapist with the 2010 Olympics after his job as Chief Therapist for the 2007 Pan-American Games in Rio De Janeiro short-listed him for the role. When he was asked if wanted the job, a volunteer position, his answer was a resounding yes. When asked why, […] Read More >

Bas Masri, MD’88
Having the perfect work-life balance is not easy for most, especially if you’re Bas Masri, MD ‘88.  With over 100 peer-reviewed articles published and having achieved academic rank of full professor at the University of British Columbia by his early 40’s, it’s easy to see that Masri has had a very busy career so far.  […] Read More >

Marlys Koschinsky, PhD’88
Discovering and understanding clues that lay hidden in plaque may not appeal to the average person, but UBC alumna Dr. Marlys Koschinsky has devoted her research to studying certain lipoproteins to determine how they contribute to atherosclerosis.  More specifically how apolipoprotein(a) actually interferes with the ability of the body to break down blood clots.  Her […] Read More >

Jaspreet Khangura, MD’10
In May 2010, Jaspreet Khangura walked across the stage at the Hooding Ceremony to receive a shingle that bore her name and the letters “MD” for the very first time. While most of her fellow graduating classmates walked across the stage with their looming residencies in the back of their mind, Khangura’s path will be […] Read More >

Theresa McElroy, BScOT’98
Why did you choose your career? What made you specialize in this area of healthcare? These are questions regularly asked of our alumni in the Faculty of Medicine. And, in each case, there are interesting answers. Theresa McElroy, BSc Occupational Therapy ’98, has answers to these that are not only interesting but inspiring. Theresa’s interest […] Read More >

Shelagh Davies, MSc’75
Our voice should match the person we are inside.  If it doesn’t, we feel discomfort; distress. – Shelagh Davies Helping singers regain their voices and transgendered people find their voices are two of the job satisfactions for UBC Alumna Shelagh Davies. (MSc’75).  Shelagh is a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist, a Clinical Assistant Professor, and researcher in […] Read More >

Carol Herbert, MD’69
When Carol Herbert, MD ’69 looks back on her life as a child, she remembers that she didn’t always want to be a doctor, let alone a Dean.  At the young age of six, Herbert enjoyed writing and thought that she would be an author but instead, she almost became a first grade ‘drop out’.  […] Read More >