Silver Anniversary Award

This award is given to a graduate of the 25th anniversary class who, in the opinion of his/her classmates, has best demonstrated qualities in one or more of the following areas: leadership, research, teaching, clinical care, administration or public service.

This year’s 25th Anniversary Class is 1991

  • Nominator must be a member of the 25th anniversary MD class
  • The deadline for nominations will be determined by the Class Reunion planning schedule
  • A voting ballot will be distributed to the members of the 25th anniversary MD class for their decision
  • If during the nomination process only one name is brought forward, the award is given by acclamation
  • The award will be presented either at the UBC Medical Alumni Association Annual General Meeting or at the Class’ 25th reunion, whichever the successful nominee prefers.

Typically 1 awardee per year – maximum 2 per year (may be given posthumously)

To nominate someone, please download the followed the following form or print a copy and hand write.


*if you are unable to fill in the form, look to the top left of the Word document for "Security Warning - Some active content has been disabled." and click "Options..."  followed by clicking "Enable this content" and "OK".


Send your nomination to:

Medical Alumni Association Executive
c/o The William A. Webber Medical Student & Alumni Centre
2750 Heather Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4M2

Fax: 604-875-5778

For questions please contact contact 604-875-4111 ext. 62032 or