Alumni Profiles

Avery Krisman, MD’87
Whether the story is told by the character in an opera he’s learning or by a patient in his Toronto psychiatry practice, Dr. Avery Krisman is fascinated by what the story reveals about the person who shares it. His approach to psychotherapy grew from his interest in talking with patients to understand who they are […] Read More >

Celina Laursen, BMid’09
When Celina Laursen left her small, close-knit community on Haida Gwaii to pursue her Degree in Midwifery at UBC, her goal was to give women the choice to birth on the Island. Any way you look at it, UBC Alumna Celina Laursen has achieved her goal, increasing the number of births on Haida Gwaii by […] Read More >

Alison McLean, BSc(OT)’89, MSc’10
A guiding principle of working with people with brain injuries is helping them find “somewhere to live, someone to love and something to do.” UBC alumna Alison McLean, BSc (OT)’89, MSc’10, aspires to help her clients achieve all three during their recovery and rehabilitation. She has witnessed how it can be incredibly challenging to live […] Read More >

John Webb, MD’82
There was no ‘ah-ha’ moment or a single person to take credit for a life changing procedure which has saved the lives of thousands around the world, but there was one alumnus from UBC’s Faculty of Medicine who lead a team of individuals through a series of incremental steps to pioneer percutaneous heart valve replacement; […] Read More >

Christopher Ong, PhD’95
Christopher Ong is someone who recognises talent around him and engages them to help achieve his goals. Picture nine students from his biochemistry course lined up in front of the class, handing off a football, crouching down and then standing up, as Dr. Ong talks them through the signalling pathways within the cell. Now imagine […] Read More >

Christopher Beauchamp, MD’78
Christopher Beauchamp was in his orthopaedics residency at UBC Faculty of Medicine in 1980 when Terry Fox, whose right leg was amputated after he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, was forced to end his run across Canada because the cancer had appeared in his lungs. Inspired by Fox’s story, Beauchamp and three colleagues across Canada […] Read More >

Siu-Kae Yeong, MD’09
For most, the combination of Shakespeare, engineering and submarines is not the traditional road to medicine, but it was what led Anesthesia Resident and UBC MD graduate Siu-Kae Yeong to a career that she loves. Yeong immigrated to Canada from Malaysia when she was seventeen years old. While completing her BASc in Engineering Physics with Mechanical […] Read More >

Evan Wood, PhD’03
It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a positive outlook. A rejection letter on the first attempt to get into UBC Medical School didn’t stop Dr. Evan Wood from accomplishing a myriad of undertakings. With a positive attitude on the turn of events, he calls the rejection a “blessing… as [he] was then recruited to […] Read More >

Marc Rizzardo, BPE’77, MPE’81, BSc(PT)’87
Rizzardo was invited to interview for the job of Chief Therapist with the 2010 Olympics after his job as Chief Therapist for the 2007 Pan-American Games in Rio De Janeiro short-listed him for the role. When he was asked if wanted the job, a volunteer position, his answer was a resounding yes. When asked why, […] Read More >

Bas Masri, MD’88
Having the perfect work-life balance is not easy for most, especially if you’re Bas Masri, MD ‘88.  With over 100 peer-reviewed articles published and having achieved academic rank of full professor at the University of British Columbia by his early 40’s, it’s easy to see that Masri has had a very busy career so far.  […] Read More >