Haneen Abu-Remaileh, MD’10

Name: Haneen Abu-Remaileh
Degree and Grad Year: MD 2010
Current City: South Surrey
Current Job Title:  Locum Tenens in General Practice and Maternity Care, affiliated with Peace Arch Hospital | Founder, Locumunity

1. Tell us about Locumunity and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Locumunity is an online platform we have created to help actively match locums to available jobs.     Our aim is to use technology to create a tool where locums and clinics can find the best possible fit for their specialties and schedules. I am excited to say that we officially launched the site April 29, 2017, and have had a great response so far. Users can sign up and view a brief explanatory video on our site at www.locumunity.com and follow us on Twitter @Locumunity.

2. What problem are you trying to solve and how can Locumunity help physicians?

Currently, the process of finding locum coverage is often a time consuming endeavour for many physicians and clinics. The current tools that are available are essentially passive job boards. With Locumunity, our matching platform hopes to remove the manual filtering that both locums and physicians must currently do. Basically, our mission is to leverage technology to create a community that better connects physicians and locums to serve Canada’s doctor and patient population.

3. What motivated you to pursue Locumunity?

The lack of one centralized resource to explore all my opportunities as a locum.  I found that my pattern as a locum was to cluster at clinics I was comfortable at. I really think if I was able to easily access detailed work opportunities across the province, I would be much more likely to explore somewhere new.

4. What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

Becoming a mom and surviving so far.

5. Name the last book you couldn’t put down.

Since motherhood, my book choices have certainly changed. Currently reading “The Happiest Toddler on the Block”.

6. What is the best professional advice you’ve received?

As a physician and a mom, the best advice I received is to recognize that the only place where I am irreplaceable is at home. It helps keep my priorities in line when I am torn between family and work.

7. What is your favourite UBC Faculty of Medicine memory?

Forming a martial arts performance group in my 1st year, composed of medical students from various years with martial arts backgrounds, named “Karotid Chop”. We performed at the UBC Medicine Spring Gala every year, and I hear the group is still going strong!

8. Who was your favourite UBC Faculty of Medicine professor?

Dr. Doroudi who taught us Anatomy, and Dr. Pudek for Endocrinology. They thoroughly enjoy what they do and it shines through their teaching.

9. Biggest risk you’ve taken to date?

Moving from Jordan to Canada with my family at the age of 14. Obviously it was a risk we took as a family, and my parents sacrificed the most. The experience motivated me to work hard and succeed in my new home.

10. Please name a few of your favourite hobbies and activities

I used to be a high level Taekwondo competitor, now I exercise to stay active. I also really enjoy traveling and have been to many countries through vacation/volunteer travel experiences.

11. What’s one thing on your bucket list?

I would love to experience working/living in another country for 6 months-1 year with my family.

12. What are the best aspects of your career?

Connecting with people, helping people through their most vulnerable times, delivering babies into the world.

13. What are the most challenging aspects of your career?

It can be emotionally draining, especially in the family practice setting. You’re problem solving all day, and people usually come only when they are feeling unwell. That’s why variety is key for me; general practice combined with maternity care offers me a great balance.

14. What is one question you’re often asked about your career?

“Is it really like Greys anatomy?”

Haneen is an active community member and currently volunteers to help a Syrian refugee family resettle in Canada and navigate day to day life.  In March 2016, Haneen delivered a presentation on preventative and primary care medicine to a group of Syrian refugees in Arabic.  She previously held locum positions at BC Women’s Hospital, St. Paul’s Maternity Unit and City View Medical Clinic.  In 2011, Haneen volunteered as a CaRMS Interviewer University of Calgary Family Medicine Program, Calgary, AB.

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