Event Specific Questions:

How can we join into an event via VC or phone-in?
To join into the Web VC of an event, go to https://meet.vc.ubc.ca/webapp/ and type in the 5-digit meeting ID provided to you by the event organizers. Note that the VC works best with Google Chrome, and if your camera and mic are enabled upon entry (you can disable them after you join in).
To call into an event, dial 1-844-521-0666, followed by the 5 digit ID, followed by #.
How can we know more about the events happening at the MSAC?
There’s a calendar hosted on the MSAC website. It is frequently updated and will tell you all you need to know about what’s happening at MSAC. 
How do I know when the event I’m attending will start?
Check the online calendar or the signs posted on the stanchions in the courtyard  that list the event details happening that day.
How do I book rooms?
Check the online calendar for availability and then submit your request by clicking on the green “make a booking” button



The “MSAC VC Room” has been renamed “The Studio”
Who works at MSAC?
MSAC is the home of MSAC staff: Kelsey Hilton, the Operations & Events Manager and the MSAC Ambassadors as well as the UBC Faculty of Medicine Alumni Engagement team.
Who are the MSAC Ambassadors?
MSAC Ambassadors are year 1 and 2 MD students who work at MSAC in the evenings to support the events taking place by setting up the videoconferencing equipment, arranging furniture and generally making sure event organizers have everything they need.
Who do I make suggestions for gym equipment to?
If you have ideas for the gym improvements, please talk to the MUS Sports Director. If equipment is broken or the gym needs cleaning, please speak to Kelsey, the MSAC Manager.
If I have feedback on how to improve the MSAC, who should I go to?
We love feedback! Please talk to Kelsey, the MSAC Manager.
How do I get a locker at MSAC? Is there a fee?
Lockers at MSAC are free! Please email Kelsey to register for a  locker.
Who do I talk to if I’d like to store some school related things for MUS or access stored items at the MSAC?
Please email Kelsey or pop by during her office hours (typically 10am-6pm Monday to Friday)!
I lost something at the MSAC! Is there a lost and found?
Yes, of course! It is located in the cupboard next to the Latham Hall bar.
There’s food in the fridge! Can I eat it?
If it is in the “free for all” right side of the fridge, yes. The left side of the fridge is reserved for event-related foodstuffs, please respect the signage that may be attached to the food.
Can I use the cutlery and plates in the kitchen?
Of course! But please wash and put away the dishes after use.
Can I use the printer in the Computer Room?
Yes, but please bring your own printer paper. If the printer is out of toner, please let Kelsey or the MSAC Ambassador on duty know.

Video Conference

How do I book VC for my meeting?
Please request your video conference when you initially book your room with the online form. If you have already booked your room and would like to add video conferencing, please email msac.centre@ubc.ca with all of your VC room details.
My VC isn’t working! What do I do?
Please find the MSAC Ambassador on shift and ask them to troubleshoot. Unfortunately technical difficulties do happen sometimes, thank you for your patience!
If I want to extend my VC time during a meeting, can I do that?
If there are no other VC meetings happening later in the same room, yes! Ask the MSAC Ambassador to help you.
Can our VC be recorded? Where do I access the recording?
Yes, it can! Let us know on the room booking form if you’d like to have your meeting recorded. The link to download the recording will be sent to you 1-3 business days after your event.


Want to learn more about what MSAC has to offer?
Read the MSAC Club Leader Orientation Package!