UBC Northern Medical Program 15th Anniversary E-Newsletter

Paul Winwood_235x300.jpgHappy 15th Anniversary, NMP!

Since our first class arrived in the North fifteen years ago, it has been truly rewarding to see how this program has grown and expanded in this past decade and a half, thanks to a very special partnership between the UBC Faculty of Medicine and the University of Northern British Columbia.

The medical landscape, and education, has much changed since 2005 and even more so in these recent months. As physicians, our work is needed more than ever during this pandemic, especially in rural communities, and we have all pulled together to make a difference in our areas of expertise.

To date, we have seen our NMP alumni pursue residencies in just about every specialty, and more than 60% have chosen to practice in northern, rural and remote areas. We have had many come back to northern B.C. and look forward to even more returning!

It has also been exciting to see many of our alumni taking on leadership roles at the NMP, UBC, and programs in other provinces. From students to fully practicing physicians, our alumni are now helping to train the next generation of physicians, while also making significant contributions to their communities.

Your success attests to the quality of education we are able to provide learners in northern B.C. We are proud to have provided you with the building blocks of your profession through a smaller community lens and we continually strive to create even more rural medicine learning opportunities for our incoming classes.

We always look forward to hearing how our alumni are doing, and we hope this special edition e-newsletter helps keep you in touch with us and your fellow NMP alumni.

Dr. Paul Winwood, MB BS, DM, FRCPC
Associate Vice President, Northern Medical Program, UNBC

15 Years of Success and Growth

NMP through the years

The story of the Northern Medical Program is one of what can be accomplished when people come together to bring about change. Learn more about how the NMP has continued to grow since your graduation.

Memories from a 15-year NMP mentor and teacher

Do you remember your clinical skills sessions in which you honed your communication, interviewing, and examination skills? This part of your medical education that lay the foundation for your future interactions with patients was influenced by a particular key member of the NMP family: Dr. Steven Chang, MD97, NMP's first clinical skills site director. We virtually "sat down" with Dr. Chang as he reflected on his 15 years in this important role of fostering the next generation of physicians.

The Future is Bright

NMP student activist making a mark locally and globally

Making a difference and giving back to community is a key focus for NMP Year 2 and Class of 2023 student Sukhmeet Sachal. His passion for helping others has led him to champion various health awareness initiatives and develop a cross-cultural youth program centred on climate change and mental wellness.

Prince George welcomes back NMP grads focused on women's health care

Inspired to care for women across the lifespan, three NMP alumni from the Classes of 2010 and 2014 are now back in Prince George and playing an integral role within the OBGYN team at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia. Drs. Megan Thwaites, MD'10, Lindsay Benoit, MD'14 and Natasha Pascas, MD'14 recently explored their beginnings in Prince George and why they came back to thrive in their careers and lives.

The Journey as Alumni

NMP alumni: oh, the places you'll go!

Since the first NMP class crossed the graduation stage in 2008, hundreds of alumni have pursued a variety of residency programs and have gone on to practice across the country and B.C. We caught up with a few of our amazing alumni in various stages of their careers and asked them about their favourite memories and takeaways from their time in the NMP and how the global pandemic has affected their lives.

Follow us on this trip across Canada as we virtually visit our alumni in Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Surrey, and Prince George!

Dr. Lorraine MacDonald
Grad Year: 2009
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: Manitoulin Island, ON
Dr. Dan Le
Grad Year: 2013
Specialty: Oncology
Location: Surrey, BC
Dr. Dayle Ostapiuk
Grad Year: 2018
Specialty: Psychiatry
Location: Prince George, BC

The next chapter as UBC alumni

Your UBC connection doesn't end, whether you're a graduate from the class of 2020, 5 years ago, or 10 years ago. The UBC Faculty of Medicine Alumni Engagement team is dedicated to supporting your growth and development as alumni of the Faculty and UBC through unique events and programs.

Thinking about planning your milestone reunion next year? We can help! Our team of event professionals can provide advice and guidance with event planning, budgeting, class lists, and everything else needed to plan your celebration. We recently helped MD'09 celebrate their 10-year anniversary and many more class reunion plans are on the way. Let us know how we can help!

If you're looking to volunteer and help your community, consider the UBC Medical Alumni Association (MAA). For over 30 years, the UBC MAA has been a key contributor to the UBC MD experience by creating the shingles program, organizing networking events, providing funding opportunities for students, and supporting the MSACs in Kelowna, Prince George, and Vancouver. The UBC MAA is actively working to engage alumni and residents in the north. Be a strong voice and advocate for MD alumni by becoming a UBC MAA Board Director. Contact us a med.alumni@ubc.ca about this unique opportunity to make a difference.

Connect with us! We would love to hear from you

They say that old friends can often bring up fond memories, and our NMP Bear and Moose duo may be such friends. Do you remember seeing these furry friends in the the Year 1 and 2 lecture halls? Are there stories from the NMP that you still remember fondly to this day? Share your NMP memories with us for a future NMP anniversary newsletter!

On a related note, tell us about what you've been doing since graduation. Let us know if you are interested in being featured in an upcoming alumni profile! You can also tell us about your life and adventures by sending us a class note to share with your classmates and Faculty friends.

Wherever you may be during these difficult times, we hope you are doing well and wish you all the best. To the next 15 years, NMP!


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