Bill Sanders, MD’84 & April Sanders, MD’84

While consuming as many free cookies as possible at student orientation in 1980, Bill Sanders never guessed that he would also be meeting April, his future wife, that day.  By the end of that first day of medical school Bill and April had set their first date which would take place a week later at Simpatico Ristorante on West 4th.  Enjoying each other’s company tremendously, they moved in together a month later and were married within the year.  They recently celebrated their 30 year anniversary by taking their 2 children, one of whom was celebrating a 21st birthday, back to that very restaurant where they had their first date.  Being the adventure seeking couple that they are, they also headed south for scuba diving and an exploration holiday to the Galapagos and Machu Pichu.

-Written by Kira Peterson

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