Jeremy Neufeld, MD’11 & Caitlin Naylor, MD’11

We met on the second day of medical school during the orientation week scavenger hunt.  Our eyes locked while passing a lightly salted pretzel from one toothpick to another.  We threw our heads back in laughter as we watched our fellow classmates fall to the ground after spinning deliriously around tennis racquets. The day culminated with our glistening bodies soaking up the west coast sun following a super soaker event that we will not soon forget.  We grew closer during the next few months and spent the next four years getting to know each other through the trials and tribulations of medical school.  We supported each other during months of cramming for exams followed by participating in Weepers parties and class trips.  We took advantage of the opportunity to travel to India for a medical elective during fourth year.  We got engaged on a beach in Goa under an Indian sunset.  The joy and support we shared with one another transitioned us into a cross-Canada couples match extravaganza. This resulted in our match to the Ottawa Anesthesia and Family Medicine Programs.  We were fortunate to have each other during the moving process and the start of a new adventure.  We are writing this letter with bellies full of Mexican delicacies as we have recently returned from Nuevo Vallarta where we were united in wedded bliss. It seems our love has come full circle as we will soon be celebrating our wedding reception in Vancouver at the MSAC alongside our medical community friends and family.

-Submitted by Jeremy Neufeld, MD’11

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