The Medical Student & Alumni Centre is a UBC Faculty of Medicine social and recreational facility located on the northeast corner of 12th Avenue and Heather Street in Vancouver, BC.

2014 Update Photo 7 (courtyard)

MSAC Courtyard


Hardwick Hall is the centre's largest meeting room.  It is 1000 square feet with 25 foot ceilings, skylights and French doors opening into the courtyard.  It is equipped with fireplace, piano and stereo, and is videoconference capable.


Latham Hall North contains Wolf's Bar, named after Wolfgang Felix, engineer for the Faculty of Medicine, who was instrumental in MSAC's design and construction.  Latham Hall South has tables and chairs, and is equipped with videoconference equipment.

    Latham Hall South & Screen


MSAC’s Alumni Room contains the photos of every MD graduating class at UBC – from 1954 to 2016.  It is a flexible space with room for 12 around one table or  up to 25 chairs in rows.  This room even acts as backstage for the medical students’ yearly play, with doors that open onto Hardwick Hall.  Centrepiece of the room is a bronze statue of Dr. David F. Hardwick, often irreverently adorned, to commemorate his 40 years as elected Faculty Advisor to the Medical Undergraduate Society, and UBC’s longest-serving elected member.

Alumni Room 2016

Gym.  Medical students, resident members, alumni, and faculty members are fortunate to have excellent gym facilities at MSAC, open 24 hours/day. The UBC Medical Undergraduate Society buys and maintains equipment for the MSAC gym.

MSAC VC Room.  This room is most frequently used as a dance and music studio. The room also houses communication equipment for multi-site videoconference sessions.


Heritage Time Capsules.  MSAC houses a set of Heritage Time Capsules, one for each UBC Faculty of Medicine graduating class.  Historical documents and mementos from each class are stored for viewing at UBC Medicine class reunions. If medical alumni have historical items from days in medical school to add to the Time Capsule, please contact the Alumni Engagement Office at 604-875-4111 ext 62032 or

Dr. Blackie Forbes adds archive items to the Class of 1957 time capsule.

The Computer Room contains computers, a printer, and scanner that students can access 24/7.  The room also holds a cabinet donated by the Doctors of BC, that contains trophies and sports awards given to medical students, such as the Webber Boot, the Lauener Sock, the Gold Puck, and Platinum Puck.

Computer Room 2016


Named after the medical student publication, the UBC Medical Journal, this is a small meeting room, with space for 8.

UBCMJ Room 2016

MSAC’s newest room is a work in progress.  It is designed to become a soundproof space for musicians to practice and create.  So far there are a piano, chairs and sofa, and the hope for a donation of acoustic tiles!  Above the piano is a painting and poem by Dr. Andrew Seal, a gift to the medical students.

Music Room 2016