Davy Lau

Davy Lau is a 2023 recipient of the UBC Medical Alumni Association Student Leadership Award.

Davy is a 3rd year medical student at the Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program. Having witnessed the impact of the pandemic on his classmates and healthcare professionals, he wanted to spark a cultural change, where students develop the habit of seeking out support for their mental health now, that will carry with them in their roles as future physicians. As such, he-cofounded Medline, a 1-on-1 peer support service that allows UBC medical students to chat anonymously with other students – “peer supporters” that have been trained in active listening. In its 1st year, Medline has been well-received by the medical student community, with supporters having conducted several sessions for students seeking support on a variety of topics.

Davy is also passionate about his work with the Political Advocacy Committee (PAC). He’s had the privilege of speaking to federal MPs and CBC Radio on the importance of Universal Access to Contraception. This year, he’s leading a team to advocate on addressing surgical waitlist times, with a policy paper underway and meetings with provincial MLAs in the Spring.

Prior to medicine, he spent 3 years at UBC studying Cellular & Physiological Sciences, and over a decade playing classical piano. Outside of school, you can find him on the piano, in ballet class, or on the couch with his mum. He’s also been a part of UBC Med’s contemporary dance group Terpsichore and the theatre group MedPlay.


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