Reunions & Fundraising

Many classes use their reunions as an opportunity to give back to their UBC community. Support of student bursaries or scholarships in medicine is truly a gift, freeing students to follow their convictions and career aspirations to make a meaningful difference in health. Whether you choose to donate to an existing fund or establish your own, your generosity and thoughtfulness help shape the future of education and support the next generation of leaders in our community. Our alumni team is here to assist you every step of the way in making a lasting difference. 

Classes can choose to donate money to an existing fund or they can set up their own endowed scholarship or bursary. Parameters around the award can be determined by the reunion committee. All donations receive a tax receipt (Canadian).

Examples of successful past reunion fundraising efforts:

  • MD Class of 1961 – $40,000 raised for MD Class of 1961 Memorial Bursary Fund
  • MD Class of 1962 – $15,000 raised for William Webber Scholarship Fund
  • MD Class of 1987 – $61,000 raised for Global Health Travel Award

Faculty of Medicine General Donations Fund 

Support the Faculty of Medicine General Donations Fund and be a part of advancing medical education, research, and healthcare initiatives. Your donation fuels innovation and excellence, making a lasting difference in the lives of students, faculty, and patients alike. 

Faculty of Medicine Deans Innovation Fund 

The Faculty of Medicine's Dean's Innovation Fund supports critical needs within the faculty at the discretion of the Dean, fostering flexibility for addressing emerging challenges and seizing opportunities aligned with strategic goals. 

UBC Medical Alumni Community Fund 

The UBC Medical Alumni Association (MAA) fosters rich connections for alumni and fuels student success. Your support will help to grow a thriving community that bridges generations, crosses practices and specialties, and shares both your passion for medicine and experience at UBC. 

Award in Medicine for Indigenous Students 

Elevate Indigenous voices in healthcare with the annual Award in Medicine for Indigenous Students. The recipients of this award are chosen by the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health and recognize students that are dedicated to improving Indigenous well-being. Join us in supporting their journey towards impactful change. 

Entrance Award in Medicine for Black Students 

Recognizing the underrepresentation of Black physicians in BC and the importance of having a community of physicians that reflect the social identities represented in BC’s growing population, UBC Medicine launched the Black Student MD Pathway in 2023. The program’s goal is to encourage and support Black students to reach their aspirations of becoming a doctor and future health care leader. Your contribution to the Entrance Award in Medicine for Black Students acknowledges academic excellence, eases financial burdens, and fosters a sense of belonging at UBC. 

Faculty of Medicine Bursary 

Join your fellow alumni and friends of the Faculty of Medicine to support M.D. undergraduate students. The Faculty of Medicine believes that all aspiring students should have the same opportunity to fulfill their dreams of pursuing a medical education. 

University of BC Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Bursary 

Continue the legacy established by the Rehabilitation Student Council in 1982, by supporting this bursary. Your donation assists one Master of Physical Therapy and one Master of Occupational Therapy student in financial need annually, ensuring they receive vital support to pursue their education and contribute to their communities.  

UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic 

Help alleviate the shortage of Physical Therapists by supporting the student-led Physical Therapy and Research Clinic. Your donation ensures students can apply classroom knowledge in a clinical setting, providing vital care to underserved populations who lack access to traditional physiotherapy services. 

Occupational Therapy General Donations Fund 

The small scale, innovative projects supported by this fund help establish graduate students and faculty early in their research career to leverage future grants and large-scale studies. Your gift helps us lay the groundwork for excellence in research and advancements in practice.  

Carol Hird Memorial Award in Midwifery 

The Carol Hird Memorial Award established in memory of Carol Hird, supports students entering UBC's Bachelor of Midwifery Program. Generously funded by friends, family, and the Midwives Association of British Columbia, this annual award prioritizes candidates committed to serving underserved communities, with preference for First Nations, Inuit, Métis, or underserved background applicants. 

Midwifery Students Global Placement Fund 

Your donation can help UBC Midwifery students make a profound impact in Uganda, where they provide life-saving healthcare services to women in need. With your support, we can empower these students to address the maternal health crisis and make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless families. 

The Faculty of Medicine offers numerous awards and funds not listed above. If you are looking to fundraise for a specific area, we would be pleased to work with you.  

Our alumni team is here to assist you every step of the way while organizing a class reunion. For more information regarding these funds or if you are interested in establishing your own fund, please contact Brenda Mao at