Dr. Christie Newton

Dr. Christie Newton is a 2023 recipient of the UBC Medical Alumni Association Honorary Medical Alumni Award.

Dr. Christie Newton is an Associate Professor, and Associate Head (Education and Engagement) in the Department of Family Practice, and the Associate Vice President Health (pro tem) in the Office of the Vice President Health. She moved to BC in 2001 to be closer to her husband’s family (Dr. Darin Tognotti, a UBC Faculty of Medicine Alumni). Wanting to continue to practice in an academic teaching setting, Dr. Newton reached out to the Department upon arrival in Vancouver, and started in the UBC Family Practice Teaching Unit on the Vancouver campus in January of 2002. By 2005 she was fully integrated into UBC faculty. She was appointed as Assistant Professor and Medical Director of the teaching clinic; she was Chair of the Health care Team Challenge for the College of Health Disciplines and she was leading the design of an interprofessional teaching clinic planned to move into the new David Strangway building.

Since 2005, Dr. Newton has spent most of her academic career focused on interprofessional and collaborative health education across disciplines and across the educational continuum. Through her work she aims to shape the workforce of tomorrow, catalyze interdisciplinary collaboration in health research, and advocate for and assist in building capacity for positive health system change. Dr Newton has over 20 years of experience at UBC leading and serving on various committees all supporting the collaborative design, implementation and evaluation of interprofessional curriculum to enhance community-based collaborative practice. In her role as Associate Vice President Health (pro tem) she is currently working on the development of a new interprofessional teaching clinic on campus aimed at modelling and scaling collaborative health education within team-based primary care. She looks forward to the day when team-based practice education for collaborative team-based care is the standard in BC.

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