Graduation reflections from alumna Jennifer Xenakis, BMLSc learner turned educator

Jennifer Xenakis, BMLSc’06 (Left) receiving the Dr. Philip E. Reid Memorial Cup Award for Outstanding Contribution to the BMLSc Program, presented by BMLSc Class of 2022 alumna, Claudia Singh

It is a great privilege to work with engaged, eager, intelligent people so full of energy and promise!

The BMLSc program is a journey that involves “dipping toes” into the pond of possibilities. What ignites students’ intellectual passions? Each student is a mosaic, woven by threads that have influenced their lives – parents, family, culture, friends, society. Teasing apart these threads to determine what part of their goal is externally controlled is important. What part is their true genuine self? What does success mean for this person?

The process is time consuming and requires instilling confidence – confidence to respect and appreciate external influences while building an internal core of unshakeable faith in themselves so they may lead their own journey down the river of life. When I can help them to stop clinging to a particular outcome, to let go and trust that embracing their passion will lead them to a valuable, genuine and unique life, that is the most rewarding work.

Then comes graduation: a bittersweet event. Feeling emotions that are complex; incredibly proud of their achievements while knowing that I have to let them go. Trusting they will forge ahead with their life and do great things in their own unique way. Each one of them so valuable; so precious. I trust that they will be okay and that a new cohort of fresh new faces will start the cycle all over again.


Jennifer Xenakis, BMLSc’06
Educational Services Manager and Honorary Lecturer, BMLSc Program

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