Maryam Zeineddin BSc’98, MD’03

Dr. Maryam Zeineddin, BSc’98 MD’03, is a family practice physician and the chair of Zili, a not for profit organization that promotes and supports preventative health initiatives in Canada and across the globe.

After completing her undergrad, MD, and family practice residency in Vancouver, Dr. Zeineddin opened a full service medical centre in Vancouver. During the course of her practice she began searching for a way to continue to educate her patients in their own preventative health care. By increasing education, you can increase ownership of your own health.

Dr. Zeineddin’s work with her own patients led her to see a bigger purpose, to bring Canadians the right information and create a movement: the education of prevention. Zili was born of this desire to “promote evidence-based preventative health information from local family physicians, specialists and allied health care professionals”. Zili Health’s vision is to bring a digital platform for a more global reach.

In June 2017, the first Zili Women’s Preventative Health Conference was held in Vancouver BC. The conference, which features a forum and interactive sessions, brings together 300 patients, physicians, and allied healthcare professionals for a full day women’s preventative healthcare. Speaker topics from the past two conferences include aging parents, relationships with food, avoiding and screening for the top four chronic conditions, meditation, parenting resilient kids, and the truths and myths of cosmetic surgery.

When asked to look back on her time as a student at UBC, Dr. Zeineddin fondly recalls establishing a Red Cross Club to raise funds for earthquake victims and her involvement with intramural sports. An avid player of Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, and Ultimate, she credits participating in intramurals during her studies with bringing her balance and at the same time maintaining a focus on healthy living and medicine.

In addition to her work as a family physician and chair of Zili, Dr. Zeineddin is a clinical instructor for UBC Family Practice and acknowledges that her greatest achievement is that she is still healthy with 2 beautiful children, a loving husband, and an exceptional support system.

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