Keith Neufeld, MD’11 & Anastasia Neufeld, MD’11

It always seems as if a love story can be told very differently, depending on who you speak to, the husband or the wife.  In this case, Keith and Anastasia Neufeld seemed to be on the same page when recalling the details of how they met, minus a few Keith’s memory lapses!

According to Keith, the first day of medical school at UBC was spent meeting classmates, getting to know one another, and getting oriented to the program.  It didn’t take Anastasia long to get to know Keith and pegged him as ‘the flirt’.  Intrigue got the best of her and here is where Keith says that Anastasia mentioned in passing to Keith, “You’re a flirt…when will it be my chance?” (memory lapse?!).  Well, whatever the way the story went, Anastasia did get her chance when Keith stayed late after class one day to walk her to the bus loop and asked if she would study for an upcoming Histology exam with him.

In a short time there were ski trips, medical mission trips, and local road trips.  All in hopes of spending as much time together as possible.  On one of their road trips to Seattle to celebrate Anastasia’s birthday, Keith proposed to Anastasia in a parking lot.  Already living together and knowing that their remaining years in medical school were only going to get more hectic, Keith and Anastasia tied the knot 5 months later on a beach in Mexico, surrounded by good friends and family.

The rest is… history! Keith and Anastasia finished medical school last spring and are completing their residencies in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Adjusting to a new environment and missing their families, Keith and Anastasia are constantly there for each other and are continually learning new things about each other every day. “It’s the things you don’t know about your partner that makes you love them even more” mentioned Keith at the end of our interview. Somehow, we think with beautiful words like that, the ‘memory lapses’ in how he and Anastasia fell in love, aren’t so bad.

-Written by Kira Peterson

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