MD’68 50th Anniversary Reunion

The MD Class of 1968 recognized 50 years since their graduation from the UBC Medical School with a weekend of events! Dinner at the MSAC, campus tours, and a celebration dinner and brunch at the homes of fellow classmates!

Thank you to everyone who attended the reunion and we hope you enjoy reading some of the life stories below!

The UBC MD Class of 1968 was asked to submit a bio of their life since graduation! Please find here a selected few bios with their journeys in medicine and advice for the incoming MD Class of 2022!

To the MD Class of 2022, we wish you all the best as you start your journey and hope you enjoy some of our stories.

MD 1968 Story 1

MD 1968 Story 2

MD 1968 Story 3

MD 1968 Story 4

MD 1968 Story 5

MD 1968 Story 6

MD 1968 Story 7

The MD Class of 1968 Reunion Planning Committee

John Cairns, Barry Irish, and Dave Kester