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UBC MED ’66 Memorial Bursary
In 2017, bursaries have been made available through an endowment by members of the Graduating Class of Medicine 1966 for medical students who demonstrate financial need. Originally established in 2007 to recognize the untimely passing of classmate Fred Scriver, the bursary also honours the memories of additional classmates who are no longer with us. The bursaries are in recognition of each classmate’s unique area of contribution and the unique challenges that life has brought. Bursaries are adjudicated by Enrolment Services.


Why Donate?

Donations to the UBC MED ’66 Memorial Bursary honour the memory of your classmates who are no longer with us and thanks to your gifts, UBC graduates can make an impact that benefits our communities in BC and across the globe. In turn, many of our alumni go on to make gifts that continue the cycle of excellence for the next generation of students, teachers and researchers.

To give you an idea of cost for students to attend UBC Faculty of Medicine in 2020 versus when you were students. Note: the chart below does not include other program costs, such as student fees, supplies and equipment, and travel costs associated with CaRMs, etc.

Blue & Gold Campaign: Change their world so they can change ours

UBC launched the Blue & Gold Campaign for Students in 2017 and announced the extension in September 2019 after meetings its original goal of $100M. UBC has double its target to $200M by 2022! UBC students are each uniquely talented, but not all have the same opportunities. They are the next generation of leaders ready to create lasting and meaningful change and tackle the challenges that affect us all. Supporting these promising students today—so they are equipped to build a better tomorrow—is more urgent than ever. Learn more about the Blue & Gold Campaign.

UBC MED ’66 Memorial Bursary Report:

26 students have been impacted by this bursary since establishment totaling $17,400.

2020 $2,450 $57,504
2019 $2,310 $60,736
2018 $2,250 $59,068
2017 $3,000.00 $54,835
2016 $1,550.00 $45,661
2015 $700.00
2014 $1,200.00
2013 $1,200.00
2012 $975.00
2011 $825.00
2010 $650.00
2009 $650.00
2008 $1,100.00
2007 $1,000.00

Class Notes

Friends who have left us
If you have any updates please contact us at one of the numbers or e-mail addresses below.


Other Ways to Honour Your Classmates

In addition to donations to your MED ’66 Memorial Bursary there are other ways to honour your classmates from UBC.

Medical Alumni Association Annual Awards
The Medical Alumni Association welcomes nominations for the Wallace Wilson Leadership Award, Honorary Medical Alumni Award and Silver Anniversary Award. For more information on how to nominate a classmate (it’s easy!) visit MAA Awards.

Contact Details

Dr. Stephen Tredwell, MD’66
Tel: (604) 261-7579
E-mail: tredwell[at]
Dr. David Geen, MD’66
Tel: (250) 868-8728
E-mail: davidhgeen[at]
Dr. Morris Hestrin, MD’66
Tel: (604) 760-5601
E-mail: bhestrin[at]