Doctors of BC Annual Awards Ceremony, June 6, 2015

At the Doctors of BC Annual Awards Ceremony, June 6, 2015, CMA Honorary Membership was accorded to Richard Beauchamp, MD’71, Jack Burak, MD’76, Dr. Judith Hall   (Hon.),  Victor Huckell, MD’69 and Mark Schonfeld, MD’72.

Dr. Dorothy Shaw (Hon.) and Dr. Larry Goldenberg (Hon.) were recipients of the Doctors of BC Silver Medal of Service. This award, established in 1986, confers the Association’s highest honor.

The Dr. Don Rix Award was presented to Linda Warren MD’68 and the Dr. Cam Coady Award was presented to David Hardwick, MD’57.

Matthew Petzold, MD’12, received the Dr. David Bachop Silver Medal in General Practice.

 Dr. Michael Myers (Hon.) was presented with the Doctors of BC Honorary Members Award.

The Doctors of BC Changemaker Award – Student Advocate – recipient was Elisa Assadi, MD’15. This award was begun in 2014.

Trina Larsen Soles, MD’86 was installed as Chair of the General Assembly for 2015-16. Bill Cavers, MD’77 is the Past President.

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