Medical Student Initiatives Fund

The UBC Medical Alumni Association (MAA) is the medical division of the UBC Alumni Association, representing graduates of the Faculty of Medicine MD undergraduate program, and current residents and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine medical residency program. The UBC MAA’s main purposes are to organize and foster academic and social activities for medical alumni, and to provide financial support for medical students’ activities throughout their undergraduate education at UBC and at all distributed program sites.

Key student support programs include:

  • supporting the operations and maintenance of the Medical Student & Alumni Centres in Vancouver, Victoria, and Prince George;
  • the gift of a “doctor’s shingle” for each member of the graduating MD class; and
  • the annual student orientation gifts for the Year 1 MD undergraduate students.

To learn more about the UBC MAA, please visit our website.

The Medical Student Initiatives Fund is a $5000 student support program provided by the UBC MAA. The vision of the fund is to provide seed funding to student-led initiatives and encourage, support, and stimulate the development of projects, events, and ideas that enrich and enhance the UBC medical student experience.

The deadline for applications has passed. Thank you for submitting your application. Applicants will be advised accordingly. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us at or 604-875-5674.

Applications can be submitted by current UBC MD undergraduate students. One application per project per person will be considered.

  • Projects or events must demonstrate a positive impact on the MD undergraduate student experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • education
    • health and wellness
    • research
    • sociocultural
    • leadership development
    • career development
  • Priority and focus will be given to new initiatives
  • Initiatives should occur between May 2020 and April 2021. Exceptions can be considered at the sole discretion of the UBC MAA.

Projects will be not be funded if they:

  • have occurred before April 2020;
  • are submitted on behalf of an external community-based organization;
  • include alcohol-related expenses;
  • are for charitable donations; or
  • are for student club/initiative deficits from previous years.

In the application form, you will be asked for contact information, project description and purpose, and a proposed budget. Download budget template.

The deadline for applications has passed. Thank you for submitting your application. Applicants will be advised accordingly. 

Applications will be reviewed by the UBC MAA Board of Directors after the application deadline. Funding decisions will be announced in late-April 2020. The UBC MAA will advise all applicants accordingly.

Funding allocation will be determined at the sole discretion of the UBC MAA. Funding may be provided one or multiple projects, and projects may be funded at less than the requested amount.

A final report containing a summary of the initiative, learnings, testimonials, and/or photos is due within 2 months of the project’s completion. A template will be provided to facilitate this process. Submitted materials may be used for promotional material, such as videos, website posts, newsletters, etc.

Successful applicants are encouraged to recognize the UBC MAA for their support.

For example:

  • Including the UBC MAA logo on your promotional materials. Download a copy of the logo here.
  • Adding the line “Program Funding by the UBC Medical Alumni Association through the Medical Student Initiatives Fund” to your materials
  • Mentioning the UBC MAA and the fund in your event welcome speech