MD’69 50th Anniversary Reunion

Dear MD Class of 1969,

To celebrate the MD Class of 1969’s 50th Anniversary Reunion, a bursary was created to help the future generation of doctors graduating from UBC Faculty of Medicine. Based solely on unmet financial need, this bursary will go towards helping student focus on their studies without the financial burden.

The future is where we direct our hopes and our efforts for change. In the UBC Faculty of Medicine, it is also the focus of more than 4,500 women and men enrolled in educational programs across British Columbia, who are charting new pathways to improved health. The success of our trainees and the strength of our health care system depend on the support of bursaries like this one.

Why Donate?

The cost of Medical School is going up year after year. To give you an idea of cost for students attending UBC Faculty of Medicine in 2019 versus when the Class of 1969 were students.



Contact Details

For more information on this bursary, please contact your class reps:

Dr. Jean Swenerton        Dr. Vera Davis