UBC Homecoming 2018 – Faculties Showcase

UBC Homecoming is the University’s premier celebration of school spirit for students, alumni, and the neighbouring community. Come visit our Faculties Showcase: Demonstrating Health: Use your common senses to touch, see and taste health projects at UBC at the Point Grey campus on Saturday, September 22, 2018!

Saturday, September 22, 2018
2:30-4:00 pm
Lobby, School of Population and Public Health, 2206 East Mall

As part of Alumni Day at Homecoming, the Faculties of Applied Science, Arts, Dentistry, Land & Food Systems, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be showcasing some of the exciting work currently happening in and around UBC, and hosting a complimentary reception. Everyone is welcome, with a special invite to alumni and their families!

Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life

October 1-7 Canada celebrates world breastfeeding week – find out more about UBC Nursing’s Lactation Research, Education & Breastfeeding support using a Lactation Simulation Model (LSM), created by LiquidGoldConcept™. Meet the LSM – a comprehensive breastfeeding simulator that can teach parents and health providers how to identify, prevent, or manage over 25 common breast and breastfeeding-related prenatal and postpartum concerns.

Discover the process of experiential teaching with simulation including aspects of standards of best practice, and ideas for team training – with health professionals and patients as partners; videos demonstrating teaching lactation via simulation; and the Lactation Simulation Models available for demonstration. The UBC Nursing team will demonstrate conceptual understanding of new teaching/learning modalities in health professional education; interesting collaborations between biomechanical engineers and health professionals to create the simulation models; and outcome testing of knowledge transfer using experiential learning.

CareCrew Technologies: Revolutionizing Seniors Home Care

See how UBC graduate student Christina Chiu is revolutionizing home care through a software platform for families to manage the care of their aging loved ones.

One of health care’s biggest challenges is how to care for the aging population. Furthermore, 91% of Canadians do not want to move when they get older and prefer to age in place. When a senior chooses to age in place, families take on the responsibility of caregiving for their aging loved one. CareCrew’s mission is to help the 48 million caregivers in North America to better care for seniors. Caren by CareCrew is a senior’s care app that allows families to take control of caregiving. This easy to use app has won numerous awards including the 2016 Hacking Health People’s Choice Award at the national eHealth conference, 2017 Fraser Health Hackathon X-Factor Award, 2018 Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection Social Impact Award, and was one of British Columbia’s 2017 and 2018 Top 26 Start-Ups. During the showcase, Caren will be available for download for the first time at a public event. Visit carenapp.com for more information or to download the app and find out how to get a free subscription for a year for someone you may know!

Health and Adult Development Lab: In It Together

How does your partner impact your health choices? And to what degree? The Department of Psychology’s Dr. Christiane Hoppmann and her team at the Health and Adult Development Lab are investigating the influence of social relationships on our health and wellbeing. This is an opportunity to try their mobile research kit firsthand!

Modern medicine, coupled with healthier living habits, has almost doubled our life expectancy over the past century. Most people don’t want to just grow old; they want to age well. And research tells us that healthy behaviours are linked in couples.

UBC’s Health and Adult Development Lab is exploring how partners shape each other’s health —particularly after a stroke. With older couples as key partners, the researchers are capturing the everyday experiences that draw partners towards healthy activities and choices. This knowledge will inform evidence-based strategies to improve the health of Canadians, both young and old.

For the exhibition, the researchers will bring their lab to you. Experience the technology used, including an app designed by the lab, perform the cognitive tasks, try the health monitoring devices, and learn about health indictors, such as portion control and lifestyle changes. Find out more.

Holographic Brain Project Hololens

The brain is one of the most complex organs in our bodies to see and understand. But what if you could see past the two-dimensional images seen in text books and see things that just aren’t possible with models?

The Holographic Brain Project, an app designed by Dr. Claudia Krebs, Parker Holman, PhD candidate in neuroscience and Dr. Tamara Bodnar, postdoctoral fellow, in collaboration with Microsoft, is allowing students to see the brain in a way they never have before. The app allows the overlay of two-dimensional MRI scans on correlating sections of the brain which when used with Microsoft’s new mixed reality technology – the HoloLens – allows people to virtually explore the brain – highlighting, isolating, expanding and rotating its many structures. Come dive deeper into neuroanatomy and come see for yourself the brain’s three-dimensional structure like you’ve never seen it before.

The ExStRA Trial – Exoskeleton for Post-Stroke Recovery of Ambulation

A unique device usually located at UBC’s GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, on September 22, you can see the exoskeleton in action! See for yourself how this suit is helping patients in BC learn to walk again after a stroke.

Imagine having suffered through a stroke and coming out the other side with unexpected disabilities, to then have to learn how to walk again. Robotic exoskeletons, a powered suit that is worn externally by a patient, allows a person to walk before they physically could on their own. Come see the work that PhD student and researcher Riley Louie is doing with the post-stroke population.

Smartphone Medication Adherence Apps – Improving health care services to patients through technology

Helping patients take their medications as prescribed (“adherence”) is important to providing care. With the accessibility and widespread use of mobile phones, apps targeting medication adherence may be useful tools for supporting patients. Join us to try it out for yourself!

Jamie Park, a 2nd year PharmD student in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has worked with Dr. Mary De Vera at the Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) to explore and better understand smartphone medication adherence apps.

Come and learn about the apps that are currently available, their features and users’ perspectives that may inform future development of truly beneficial apps for supporting medication adherence. Also in this exhibit, try using the apps to manage medications and build your own candy blister pack used to assist with adherence.

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy

Test your nutritional knowledge with trivia activities run by UBC’s current dietetics students. Learn about healthy eating and good food choices, and the role of dieticians in the community. Answer our students’ trivia questions and you could win some delicious and healthy prizes! The Faculty of Land and Food Systems, home to the Dietetics Major Program, brings you this interactive booth.